Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So I have not written in a really long time things got a bit heavy last blog so I will make this short and sweet,
Life is good ..
Summer has been beautiful here, mild and with beautiful rain storms that stretch deep magenta and brilliant white streaks of lighting sprawling across the sky.

Work is work – and work is good to have.

Hubby is kind and loyal always loving. – I think I will keep him he definitely makes my heart happy.

Family is thriving.

Puppies are spoiled.

House feels like a Home ( garden tended to and all )

Friends are safe and smiling ! Tasha is home till the 22nd Gosh I MISSED HER !

School starts in September wish this brain luck I may be a bit rusty.

Food is always good and never lasts long in our house a hobby worth having LEARN to
COOK! its always going to be savory and worth it.

Reading the third twilight – yes I gave in – yes it is a romance for teeny boppers – Yes I could not put the first three down… I may be a bit obsessive at this point – Daron cant stand Edward but who can compete with perfect ?

Love, my life is full of it .

Laughter, I fall down trip, walk into door jams often makes comic relief easy.

Faith, each day I feel as if the lord is working in my life and in so many lives around me, it is easy for me to get caught up in the bustle of the day but I have been truly working on stepping back and taking time to listen and look for the blessings in every moment of my day- the world is loud and sometimes it is nothing but a whisper that reminds me of the grace of god, the joy of being his child and the love that surrounds even our darkest hour.
All it takes is a moment to listen and a open heart to hear.