Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Self proclaimed

I am the Self proclaimed lover of old people I am now the liaison for octogenarians & us hipsters of this generation … We can all now co-exist – I work miracles what can I am kind of a keeper it also doesn’t hurt that I piss excellence…. I LOVE old people … but sometimes they smell funny .why is that?
Im going to buy daron some suspenders a plaid flannel an a trucker hat i want a sweatshirt covered in iron on pictures of our grandkids with a baby blue collar and sleeves poping out and lace topped socks. god we are going to be the cutest biracial couple THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN!

Self Inflict Liposuction

So to begin I feel strongly compelled to inform any one who does not live in the inland northwest or who is not currently here ….You Suck! The weather is about as desirable as a an enema shortly followed by explosive diarrhea …. Which also pretty much sums up what the clouds have been doing all day ! RAIN AND SNOW! I knew the Diarrhea would give you a good visual
-your welcome-
As you know I started my new job yesterday YAY me .. it rocked I never knew how much fun shaving chests and reading ekg’s would be but the best part of the whole thing is the fact that I get to make people exercise all day and I GETT TO SIT ON MY BUTT ! watching the EKG and occasionally I stand up to get a blood pressure- FUN FUN FUN I tell you !
Is it strange that I take such pleasure in watching other people exert extreme amounts of energy … maybe it is the love/ hate relationship I have with exercise Myself that makes me feel so content – maybe it is the fact that every time I watch these people I think oh… “3 mins good for them” our patients set low goals and rarely achieve them SO now when I exercise I feel like I rock at it ! look at me go! I think “5 whole minutes Dang im Fit !” but this may not be a great way to judge ones physical fitness being that the average patient we see is over 50 , has some underlying heart condition or we are checking for one – may explain why I work in the diagnostic dpt. – but this is not going to skew my new found satisfaction with my laziness at the gym! Im happy being naive & in my opinion BEING SKINNY OBVIOUSLY ISNT THAT GREAT … OR THERE WOULDN’T BE SO MANY FAT PEOPLE…..just putting that out there!

Daron has been so excited waiting for his best friend Aaron the pilot from Florida to get here for vacation –why any one would vacation here ..they also questioned if it was worth it upon arrival to the artic circle –so we had them over last night I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard Aaron tells some funny stories of daron and his glory days , here in SpoKompTon I had never met them , they are wonderful people and daron is just so happy to have his buddy around . ALSO his wife is due 4/24 with their first baby! I may have mentioned that people born on that date happen to be ridiculously good looking and exceedingly intelligent...( best kept secret in the world ) they agreed !
Back to being fat If one more person asks me if im pregnant or when im due I will SELF INFLICT LIPOSUCTION most people just assume because I am so young and getting married -The thought that I may not want to continue dating assholes & partying does not even cross their mind or god forbid that I may love the guy poor daron if they only knew how lovable he is!
– nothing beats cooking dinner and just snuggling on the couch watching CSI & HOUSE – our personal faves- maybe I have become and old soul at the ripe age of 20 but I would have it no other way…. We get to just be us .. nothing more nothing less of extraordinary – Love is good stuff-
IN conclusion – people are Lame- im NOT with child – Daron & I are Rad -& exercise is overrated …..thank you for your time ….lol <3>

Sunday, January 4, 2009

First impressions

This is my first blog on this new blog site I have previously bloged on my myspace which my aunt has informed me to be “ SOoooo last season” This is my fresh new shiny blog ! what sort of statement should I make that will set the tone for my blog page! what sort of issues should I address ? I have a lot of issues mind you I also often ramble …
To start I should say I am a truly blessed girl. Im sitting here in my living room with a devoted puppy laying on each foot brandy and coulee looking out into a very harsh winter scene! I have come to be far more grateful for the amazing life I have and how serendipity lead me to Daron & how we built a home.
I cant help but smile. I have come to see how much more precious the choices are that I make in life. People adapt an overcome its not that were ok , or healed of what ever scarred us so badly its that we've found in the most literal of translation LIFE GOES ON, not with out regret not with out heart ache but also not with out laughter and love. Its my choice what to focus on, what is going to define me its going to be the joy and the love.
The definition of home changes as I mature, the people in my life change. So with every change that I’m faced with I will always find my way home, maybe not the home that I started in but the home that I create, the definition of home can be defined as simply as The place that we love and are loved..
I cant think of a better definition so call it a new years resolution or a much needed attitude adjustment but I promise I will be counting my blessings much more often
Speaking of blessings so picking up Daron to day (because my car is lost in a snow-berm & we have yet to find it, so I confiscated the truck) we kissed and I asked him how his day at work was ( as a fire-paramedic) “Saving lives” sarcastically because on any given day if you respond to ten 911 calls 8 of them will be bullShit toothache, nosebleed, Stubbed toe, Im drunk & cant stand up…Ect! The other 2 would be some sort of inter-facility transport nursing home to hospital …But not today ! Daron delivered a baby a beautiful boy and then saved a guy who had been dead for 20 mins. Then daron bless his heart looks at me with his loving brown eyes “how was your day ..what did you do?” …… Seriously … “ I cleaned the bathroom” me being off work today I had no opportunity to save lives thus it is un fair rob me of my scrubbing bubbles glory I had a dirty toilet and bathtub daron had Dead people and dilated crackhores Apples and oranges people !
The point is that we both had a task at hand & successfully completed such task!
I start my new job tomorrow ! wish me luck !
Loves manda