Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long time No Blog

I understand that i have not posted a blog in along time and my faithful 3 subscribers were truly worried about my lack of internet time in the last few weeks, but I am now blogging to reassure you that my blog will live on, have faith in me friends .... I mean family being that you are the only sad few who read the junk i post .. but let me tell you about my month & all the wonderful things i have been up to .....

My new job is great I love it, I learn something new everyday and the people I work with are so much fun, I have been working a ton 5 days a week 7am to 6pm and then pulling two 12s out at fire over the weekend, being lazy is hard while working as much as i do so i feel that i have truly been making sacrifices ! ( avista better be thankful for the utilities check!) other than that we have had a few whacko Pts. but nothing to exciting... at fire we had a rip roaring car fire that kicked ass - I rocked it and totaly saved lives ! not really but had anyone’s life been in danger Im sure i would have been the go to gal- on life saving measures! 6 cars burnt up in one driveway talk about bad luck but it was RAD! (can you tell i like to play w/fire?)
In other airwayheights on goings ... Daron and I have a stalker ! yes you read correctly we are currently the victims of a brutal stocking .. The perp even took pics.. yucky right ! worst of all we were at a hockey game when all of this happened i felt so violated ! The Nerve The OutRage ! its just wrong on so many levels i worry about the poor soul who had to sink so low to stock fat boring people like daron and I .
well i need to go back to work so tah tah for now ... my friends

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  1. Manda,

    I am not sure how I ended up in a family that thrives on mayhem and helping others. I can only assume that I was a foundling. I mean seriously! HELPING PEOPLE??? Where do you come up with this stuff???

    A Stalker, you say!? I'm super jealous! Nobody stalks me. Usually, I have to do my own stalking!

    NO FAIR!