Thursday, April 16, 2009

The crushing of my dreams – in rebuttal of kellys comment

So here is the thing i know that Africa is going to be suckie i even somewhat look forward to the rude awakening that will take place in my pathetic little mind , i may even become enlightened and change the world with my kindness and strive to end world hunger even rally for world peace ..... but really i just think it would be bad ass to say I’ve been to Africa and i want to befriend a giraffe , I may even bring my moose friend franklin and we will all live happily ever after on safari in Africa


Alaska is beautiful , grimy at the moment but beautiful .
Today we actually got out just daron and I and we had hubby wife time long over due and took a drive out to beluga point … we found no whales so I felt very mislead when a read the sign beluga point why would you name the point after a whale if there were currently is no whales residing at that said residence …. Tourist trap… we did find rocks and mud that I promptly got all over myself we dug for a clam till i saw something shinny and lost interest daron continued to dig for the worlds most elusive clam and also lost interest

I will say one thing the air is crisp next to the ocean , the sun was bright and warm on my shoulders and the world seemed still as we combed the beach and climbed the rocky hillsides at the feet of monumentous( word I just made up because daron looked it up in his mothers scrabble dictionary not there not in scrabble then it clearly isn’t a word ) snow covered mountains . The view is endless you can look in any direction and see some formation of nature that is unlike anything you have seen before . The highway we were driving on reminded me of Montana winding through wildlife and countryside this highway lead through marshes and timber and stayed parallel with the inlet . you could see the refection of the mountains on the glass like ocean water littered with ice chunks as big as cars where the tide had gone out was a grave yard of fallen icebergs and driftwood all covered in mud and glistening the sun , as the highway looped its self through the mountain side we came across a great deal of natural waterfalls some were still frozen and you could hear and feel the water rush over your hand when you ventured to stick your hand in the melted sun holes the ice was tinted blue like a picture in the national geographic and the water rushed through the roots and rocks around it picking up light and making rapids . it was so much fun to explore with daron all we needed was our puppies .

We went to this really neat jade shop and watched them cut raw jade with a huge saw it looked barbaric all held together with ropes and rusty hinges and all tasks being delegated by a bearded man in suspenders the safety hazards were numerous but I loved the jewelry so all is well that ends well right ?
The beautiful necklaces we picked out are well worth the few finger that were possibly lost in the process of making them I think it adds a certain charm and worth to the pieces.

Prayers hugs and loves
The Bements

Also I feel that everyone should be updated on the whereabouts of Franklin my moose friend … I still don’t know them- I returned to the capture site today , Franklin was not present nor was there a note or any clues to where he may have gone … obviously darons over masculine protective display upon our first meeting has spooked him into hiding I left a trail of moose munch trail mix in hopes of coursing him into a second meeting and possible further be-friend-ment … he may even let me ride him … im just saying – it happens-

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  1. Great post Nana! You have a gift for description!!!